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“The Reading Roadshow”

Big Rig Book’s Feature Program:

We do not believe in handouts and want accountability for the books we give away.  Big Rig Book’s reading program, The Big Rig Book Club, enlists the support of teachers, parents/guardians, mentors or tutors to account for the books that the children have been given.  The Big Rig, a 36 foot bookmobile trailer that has a 7000 book capacity pulled by a custom painted Ford F-650 truck designed to attract and excite children, will make regularly scheduled visits, where children, with adult assistance can choose a reading level and an age appropriate new or gently used book to add to or begin a home library of their own.


Please call us for details @708-205-1516


Who Qualifies?

Because of the tremendous work and expense we incur to procure and distribute books, we are very choosey about who we serve.  We want our books to go where they are most needed and will be best utilized.  Therefore, we interview the staff at all prospective locations to determine if we are a match.

Our goal is to provide books to children whose families don’t have the means to help them build their own home libraries.   Fostering and encouraging their recreational reading will always be of paramount importance.