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Adopt-A-School Partnership





     Big Rig Books invites you to become a partner in our mission to foster recreational reading habits for children in underserved communities and underperforming schools. Service organizations, foundations, companies, individuals, churches and schools can help us help kids by adopting one of the deserving school locations we serve. When we serve a school, the adopting partner of that school will be recognized each and every time we visit them!

      These school partnerships will help us by providing the financial support necessary for the coordination of the program. Factoring in our annual expenses, the average cost to distribute one book is approximately $1.00 (including the cost of the book). Therefore, serving a school with 500 kids for our six-month term costs Big Rig Books $3,000.00 (500 children @ $1.00 per book X 6 visits = $3,000.00). Each book we distribute has a value of about $6.00. That means the students at the school being served will get $18,000 worth of books at the end of our six-month distribution term! And that is just the financial savings.

     Most of the children we serve would not have any books, if it were not for Big Rig Books. And the benefit of Big Rig Books goes beyond the book. We show the children we serve kindness, love and respect-something that many of them, sadly, are not used to receiving.  They also get a thrill out of seeing our custom truck and the cool graphics on the bookmobile.

     Many of them wonder why someone is doing something so nice for them and they do not feel worthy of any kind of gift. How sad!   However, we truly care about each and every child we serve.  Our Adopt-A-School partnership, in conjunction with our book drive efforts, makes it possible for Big Rig Books to keep serving the students of school after school after school.

Benefits of becoming an Adopt-A-School Partner

We want this partnership to be beneficial for everyone involved. The Adopt-A-School Program will provide the following:

  • Framed certificate for display within your organization, and at the partner School
  • Recognition on the Big Rig Books website and our social media pages
  • Recognition of the adopting partner each of the six times each year Big Rig Books visits the adopted school
  • The priceless satisfaction that your organization has been instrumental in our efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged children