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$1.00 provides one book for one underprivileged child

$6.00 builds the library for one child for our complete Big Rig Book Club program

$18.00 provides books for one whole class per Big Big Book’s visit*

$108.00 supports one whole class for our complete Big Rig Book Club program*

$500.00 supports one entire school per Big Rig Book’s visit*

$3000.00 will cover the cost of supplying all the books for one entire  school for our complete six month Big Rig Book Club program!
Please see our Adopt-A-School page for complete details

Remember that your donations are only used for the acquisition and distribution of  books.  NO SALARIES are paid.  We appreciate your support and promise to be responsible stewards of your donations.


*Dollar amounts are based on average class and school sizes